The “Future Education in the Internet Era” Sub-forum: A cooperation opportunity for both China and Finland

 On October 23-25, Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLii) “Learning and Mind” Forum was held at beautiful Bejing Normal University, Zhuhai. The “Future Education in the Internet Era” sub-forum was one of four sub-forums under “Learning and Mind” Forum and based on Education ICT Center in JoLii. Other five centers are: Learning Research Innovation Center, Learning Garden Experience Center, Teacher Training Center, Double/Dual Degree Center, and Education Research Center. One responsibility of Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education (AICFE) is to support JoLii, especially Sino-Finnish Education ICT Center.
In the afternoon on October 24, the “Future Education in the Internet Era” sub-forum was coordinated by Dr. LI Baoping, Beijing Normal University. It attracted around 20 audience, they were K-12 teachers and administrators from Guangzhou and Foshan and professors and students from Beijing Normal Univeristy, Zhuhai. Speakers are: Rasila Antti, Senior University Lecturer (tenure) at Aalto University; Ruismaki Heikki, Professor, Department of Teacher Education at University of Helsinki; Ruokonen Inkeri, Adjunct Professor, Department of Teacher Education at Helsinki University; Dr. WEI Shunping, Deputy Director of Information Department (Project Center) at Open University of China; Vivitsou Marianna, Researcher atInstitute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki; YANG Xianmin, Associate Professor and Vice Dean, Smart Education School, Jiangsu Normal University; Leppänen Paavo, Professor and vice head of the Department of Psychology, University of JyväskyläLUO Chaoxuan, President of Shenzhen Qianhai Harbor School; HUANG Ying, Vice Director of Development and Evaluation Center at Shenzhen Qianhai Harbor School; and Auvinen Tapio, Post-doctoral researcher at Department of Computer Science, Aalto University.
Professor Ruismaki Heikki and Adjunct Professor Ruokonen Inkeri delivered a presentation on Online Education in MusicOnline education in music is rapidly increasing and becoming not only a national but also an international educational trend that has to be blended in a reasonable pedagogical way with higher educational studies. The aim of this presentation is to describe the research and developmental work that has been done in Finland for designing web-services and digital learning environments for educators and students related to music education. Researcher Vivitsou Marianna was on behalf of her research team to present Teaching and Learning with Digital Storytelling and Digital Pen. It introduced how the digital storytelling (DST) method and digital pens can be applied in Finnish and Chinese classrooms. DST has been used in Finnish, Californian and Greek contexts and has given evidence that student-driven video creation is a powerful method to teach 21st century skills and promote student engagement in learning. Post-doctoral researcher Auvinen Tapio presented Learning+Technology (LeTech) Research. LeTech research group at Aalto University develops educational technology, online learning materials and learning analytics especially for computer science education. Their focus is on exercises and smart content which give immediate automated feedback for students and therefore make it possible to give personalized guidance for students in massive online courses. LeTech also develops data mining and machine learning methods for analyzing and modeling educational data collected online. Audience had in-depth discussion with speakers in Q&A session.

Picture 1: Professor WANG Jiancheng was attracted by the sub-forum and raised questions after the presentation of Teaching and Learning with Digital Storytelling and Digital Pen

Picture 2: Host and Speakers of “Future Education in the Internet Era” Sub-forum took a picture together

After the sub-forum, Professor Ruismaki Heikki and Adjunct Professor Ruokonen Inkeri were impressed by and very interested in Shenzhen Qianhai Harbor School that implementing Maker Culture in teaching and learning. On October 26, they visited Harbor School especially and had an expectation of building partnership with the school. In addition, on October 26, Professor Niemi Hannele, researcher Vivitsou Marianna, and researcher NIU Jenny from University of Helsinki were in the company of Dr. LI Baoping visited Beijing First Normal Primary School and discussed how to apply digital storytelling in the school.
On October 27, Dr. Auvinen Tapio from Aalto University visited AICFE and had an academic exchange meeting with Dr. LI Baoping, Director Tom Tang, Dr. CHEN Yang, Dr. CUI Wei, Dr. LU Yu, Dr. WANG Jiaxi, Dr. XI Yang, Ada Ma, Jessie Song, and Sylvia Gao. Dr. Auvinen Tapio represented LeTech research group to visit AICFE. The leader of LeTech research group is Senior Lecturer Korhonen Ari, he is also the director of Sino-Finnish Education ICT Center (Finland). Dr. Auvinen elaborated his presentation in Zhuhai. His team analyzes students' behavior and interactions with the electronic learning material in order to give them automated personal feedback on their misconceptions or study habits (e.g. procrastination, ineffective learning strategies). They also evaluate new methods such as gamification to motivate students in online learning environments. AICFE shares the same research interests with LeTech. Dr. Auvinen claimed that AICFE and LeTech might conduct joint study or some researchers from Aalto University might come to China do research at AICFE.

Picture 3: Attendees of the academic exchange meeting took a picture together
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