Both sides of JoLII met at BNU

The meeting of Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Institute (JoLII) was successfully held in the Main Building of Beijing Normal University (BNU) on January 16, 2016. Finnish participants include Professor Hannele Niemi from University of Helsinki (UH) and she is also the Finnish Chair of Council in JoLII; Dr. Mika Tirronen, Counsellor of Education and Science Embassy of Finland in Beijing. Professor Jari Multisilta from Tampere University of Technology, he is also a member in the Council in JoLII, and researcher Jenny Niu fromUH; Chinese participants include Professor Zuoyu Zhou, Vice President of BNU and the Chinese Chair of Council in JoLII; Professor Jia Liu, Dean of School of Psychology and Director of JoLII; Jun Wang, Deputy Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office at BNU; Executive Director Wei Tang of JoLII; Coordinator Fangzhu Chen of JoLLI. Participants mainly discussed names and responsibilities of six centers under JoLLI, cooperation plan and mechanism, website update, and visiting plan in August. 

Professor Zuoyu Zhou warmly welcomed Finnish council of JoLII, and then introduced recent progress of BNU and JoLII from Chines perspective. To build first-class psychology and brain science, BNU integrates School of Psychology and School of Brain and Cognitive Sciences to establish Faulty of Psychology. This change will also benefits JoLII because people could work together to make it more effective. Professor Hannele Niemi introduced recent change atUH and JoLII from Finnish perspective. UH integrates Education Sciences and Faulty of Behavioral Sciences and establishes Faulty of Education Sciences. UH also integrates Psychology to Faulty of Medicine. After introduction, they discussed names and responsibilities of "Sino-Finnish Joint Learning Innovation Center", "Sino-Finnish Education Comparative Study Center", "Sino-Finnish Double Degree Center", and "Sino-Finnish Teacher Development Center". It was decided that centers in Finland propose annual plans at first, and then Chinese council discuss these plans. Both sides should designate the leader and the contact person in each center, and investigate requirements in terms of research and cooperation. About the visiting at the end of August, The agenda was roughly determined, including school visiting, attending the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (Earli), etc. 

The meeting marked BNU and UH as two learning universities in JoLII pays lots of attention to daily work. Dr. Mika Tirronen as Counsellor of Education and Science Embassy of Finland in Beijing showed support from government and related policy making. In addition to annul visiting, the designation of the leader and contact person will create smooth mechanism and promote closer communication and cooperation. This meeting laid a good foundation for Chinese delegation visiting Finland in August.

Since “Learning and Mind” Forum was held successfully at Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai (BNUZ) in October 2016, each center has already made some progress not only in previous cooperation projects but also in newly established projects. UH and BNU worked together on Teaching and Learning with Digital Storytelling and Digital Pen and on brain and cognitive sciences. Professors from UH gave lectures in pre-school teacher education activity. JoLII and Tampere local authority designed and released series reports on This is Education in Finland in Chinese media. We believe this meeting will strengthen the cooperation between two sides, especially in research and application of teaching, learning, and teacher education.

A group photo of participants

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